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How do we get our loved one working with tender heart? 

Our services are provided throughout the state of Michigan, primarily at Assisted Living & AFC Homes. If your loved one is already in one of our services areas, you can speak with the Activities Director to see if we are already visiting them. If not, contact us! 

What if Tender heart doesn't work in my area of michigan? 

How is tender heart different than the arts & Crafts programs at my loved ones' facility?

Your loved one may already have arts & crafts at their facility, which can lead you to think, why do the same thing twice? Well, Tender Heart is different in its purpose. As social workers, our primary focus is on your loved one's mental health. We use a therapeutic environment with specific research-based techniques to nurture your loved ones.  
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Who can participate in tender heart?

Everyone at the facilities we service is invited to our sessions. Our program is designed to focus on mental health, happiness & well-being for our clients.