Thank You Frontline Staff

Dear Caregivers,

          We wanted to say thank you today for everything you are doing during this incredibly strange and difficult time. We know it’s unprecedented, there is no rule book on how to handle a pandemic… at least we couldn’t find it! We know you are working long hours, doing more work with less staff. We know that you are balancing the needs of your residents with your own worries about your family. We know that you are working to help your residents to understand why they can’t see their families, why their routines are different than normal, and how you are trying to keep them safe. We know you are tired.

So thank you for your continued work.

For making your residents smile, even when you don’t feel like smiling yourself. For ensuring your residents are happy and well taken care of during this time of uncertainty. Thank you for pushing forward on those days you want to quit. Thank you for putting your family at risk to ensure your residents are cared for. Thank you for innovating, creating, comforting, and supporting them.  Thank you for being the front-line, for pushing forward, and for showing love to those we care about so much.

          We cannot wait to return to your facilities and see your smiling faces. Stay safe, and thank you so much!

~Tender Heart Therapeutic Arts & Crafts