Employee of the Quarter

Positive news alert!!!  We are excited to announce the Employee of the Quarter. 

This social worker’s positive attitude and energy are contagious. She is able to bring out the best in clients and her coworkers. Her relationships with clients are genuine and her passion for being a social worker and dedication to Tender Heart is clear. 

Her consideration for others does not go unnoticed. She is always willing to help, whether it be cleaning up the office, picking up extra supplies, helping another team with a project, keeping an eye out for a new facility,  giving a good book recommendation, updating the website, writing the blog and even offering to do additional administrative work when she noticed how much our administrative team had going on. 

We are happy to recognize Jesica B, from the East team, as the 2020 first quarter Employee of the Quarter. Jes, thank you for all you do, the energy you bring to the room, and your willingness to be amazing (even though we are certain it comes naturally).We are lucky to have you! Congratulations!!!